Kent Ishizaki
Managing Director | Tokyo, Japan and Singapore

Kent is an expert leading consumer goods, luxury and technology sectors
Ex Consultant in EY Strategy & Consluting and BayCurrent Consulting

Weiden Haus believes that innovation can come from even just the one of consumers.

In today’s global company market value rankings, the top tier companies were founded by innovators who were all the most unique and in and of its own – Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg for example.
But on the contrary, Japanese major companies have taken a giant late take off into these tech trends. So much to a point where (DC/DX)corporate transformation leveraged with digital technologies has been called for finally since around the year 2015.

Is innovation monopolized only by the unique, high spirited entrepreneurs?

No, we firmly believe that the innovative ideas are(firmly exist?) in the minds of each and evey one of us. Our mission at Weiden Haus is to gather the sparks of innovative seeds and to deliver the right sparks to our clients.

How should we approach this mission?

We can say that it is impossible to bring out and analyse the unconventional ideas and opinions of survey subjects and consumers in general just by quantative research – even if executed with a large survey pool.
Also, a quantative research approach with a randomly selected survey pool does not guarantee the potential seeds that lead to indepth ideas of the topic.
Therefore instead of following the trend of data driven analytics extracted by a quantative research approach, we focus on using a snowball sampling approach to effectively recruit interview subjects.
This depth driven approach requires a qualitive research process by asking ourselves “what we need to ask?” and “from who to whom do we need to ask?”
Therefore, we at Weiden Haus strongly emphasize in evalating “Whom we ask” to participate as our research subjects.

How do we find these participants with valuable ideas?

With all kinds of people coming and going both online and offline, we have cultivated a way to find the right particular people for each and every project we work on.
At times we would go online and find communities of fanatics of a specific genre through SNS and there will also be times when we would host offline events to recruit people of a certain field.
There will also be times where we would have friends introduce recruits and times where we would go out to the city to directly find the right recruits.
We go through this effort because we know that from the right survey subject, we are able to find the innovative ideas and insights that no one thought of.

Who are the “the right people” who hold the seed of innovation?

They must posess a number of traits: good memory, high verbal abilities and a strong passion for a particular matter or activity.
With these traits these participants are able to share their past memories, future ideals and present problems about their assigned topics generously.
In Japan, business consulting, advertising, design consulting and start-up companies are eager to recruit people with these traits.
These industries have a plethora of ideas and knowledge which is already a well-known fact.
Such teirs are usually subject to research but if you are a marketer that seeks the seeds of innovation, we will vigorously access those communities to support your innovative project.